There's Treasure In 2016!

a post by Rachael Tanner

A new year approaches! In our culture, it's a common time to declare resolutions: swearing off past vices, seeking new habits, and resolving that this year will be better than the last!  If you're anything like mea controlling Scorpio or a Challenger according to the enneagramthen this time can be fraught with disappointment and even guilt.  

I look at my list of goals from the past year and count up all the ones I have failed to achieve. Did I meditate every day? Not even once a week! Call my family and friends more? Heck, I didn't even call my dad on Christmas!  Work out three times each week? Maybe three times a month.  

This year, let's try something different: Instead of resolving to change, let's discover who we already are, what brings us joy, and create a map that takes us deeper into our authentic selves. To do this, we'll create a personal treasure map instead of a list of goals. The mapping process comes from Sarah Ban Breathnach's Simple Abundance. In the book, she describes the personal treasure map as "a collage of your ideal life that you create as a visual tool to focus your creative energy in the direction you wish to go." 

The process of creating the map asks us to look within, and consider "our wishes for the future, our hopes, our dreams, our aspirations," which are our truest treasures. The mapping process doesn't stop there! We then use magazines, poster board, and rubber cement to literally create a collage that is our treasure map. 

On Wednesday December 30, 2016, the Holy Ground community will gather together and make our maps!  If you feel inclined, please join us! 

Or feel free to make your own.  Sarah's excerpt provides some guidance for you!