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The Rev. Sean Lanigan is a lifelong spiritual seeker, a craver of justice, a follower of Jesus, a sometimes-contemplative, an undercover Pentecostal, and a fool for love.  Raised in a Roman Catholic family, Sean has spent significant time exploring Buddhism, Quakerism, and a range of different Christian denominations.  Eventually, Sean found the Episcopal Church, which attracted him because it welcomes questions and uncertainty, because it invites full engagement of both the heart and mind, and because makes use of all the senses to engage with the Holy.  Sean studied art history at Brown University, studied theology at both Yale Divinity School and the General Theological Seminary of the Episcopal Church, and was ordained as an Episcopal priest in July 2014.  Sean welcomes the opportunity to be in conversation with anyone who is seeking genuine connection, meaning, purpose, and community.  Sean is also very excited to share the rich tradition of progressive Christianity - in both its Lutheran and Episcopal flavors - with folks in Long Beach.  Sean's other passion is working to bring deep interfaith engagement to the campus of Cal State Long Beach.  To learn more, read an interview with Sean or listen to a sermon.  Sean can also be reached at and would love to tell you more about Holy Ground!


Urban Intern 2014-2015

Dominique Bocanegra is originally from Brisbane, California, a small town outside of San Francisco.  Dominique fulfilled her dream of attending college in Hawaii, where she studied Criminal Justice and Business Administration at Chaminade University of Honolulu.  At Chaminade, Dominique developed her leadership skills as an NCAA student-athlete (soccer and softball), as a campus representative for Make-A-Wish Hawaii, and as a participant in the Hogan Entrepreneurial Program.  Dominique also has significant experience as a participant in  service-immersion trips, retreats, and community service opportunities offered by Chaminade's campus ministry.  For 2014-2015 Dominique is living in intentional spiritual community and doing a year of service as a member of the Jubilee Consortium's Episcopal Urban Intern Program (EUIP). Dominique is eager to accompany those in Long Beach who are searching for a more compassionate way of living in our beautiful-yet-complex world.


Urban Intern 2013-2014

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Debbie Dyslin is a liver of life's questions, a spiritual bridge builder, a nature lover, a pursuer of social justice, and a believer in the healing power of prayer. Her faith is rooted in the Presbyterian tradition (PCUSA) but has influences of the Quakerism, Evangelicalism, progressive Christianity, and the Jesuit tradition. She was very involved in ecumenical and interfaith communities while in college and cherished the sacred exchange of joy and pain, doubt and passion across denominational lines. Debbie is deeply interested both in theology and in the everyday experiences of God working in our lives. Making music and spending time outside exploring God's creation are two of the spiritual practices she holds most dear. Though originally from the San Francisco bay area, she most recently comes from Wisconsin where she studied Sociology and Religious Studies at Beloit College.  For 2013-2014 Debbie is living in intentional spiritual community and doing a year of service as a member of the Jubilee Consortium's Episcopal Urban Intern Program (EUIP). She is eager to join others in Long Beach wherever they are in their journeys of faith.

Our Sponsors and Friends

Holy Ground is generously supported by many communities and individuals who are committed to the presence of a progressive, open-and-affirming, inclusive, diverse Christian community in Long Beach - particularly with and for young adults and college students.  The Episcopal Church and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) help us to shape our progressive identity and root that identity in the rich witness of the Christian tradition throughout history.

We're grateful to the following faith communities for making Holy Ground's ministry possible:

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