Doing Theology Together

We do theology together.  Theology is the art of talking about God.  And when we talk about God, we also invariably talk about our lives and their meaning.  In all of our God-talk, we strive to remember that "the gospel is always more than we imagine, the Bible always has something for us greater than we expect, and Jesus is always beyond what we can conceive" (Tony Jones, The New Christians).  We find this open-endedness to be invigorating and life-giving, freeing us for the radical possibility of new life in each moment while always remaining grounded in the historical traditions of Christianity.  We look forward to what you will contribute to our shared theological inquiry, bringing your unique voice into our diverse gatherings of spiritual seekers.  If you're new to progressive Christianity and want to get a sense of the scope of the conversations our wider community is having, check out some of these blogs.

The work of Jesus was not a new set of ideals or principles for reforming or even revolutionizing society, but the establishment of a new community, a people that embodied forgiveness, sharing, and self-sacrificing love in its rituals and discipline.
— John Howard Yoder
Much of what is called Christianity has more to do with disguising the ego behind the screen of religion and culture than any real movement toward a God beyond the small self, and a new self in God.
— Richard Rohr